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I’ve been using the item for awhile and it is now defective. The warranty is still valid, what should I do?

If the item is defective and your warranty is still valid

• must be notified of such defect via an photo or video of the relevant defect sent electronically via WhatsApp to 9639-6130 or email to with the order number.

• We will fix or replace the faulty part of the item. However, the replacement part may take up to 5 days to 2 months subject to availability.

• However, if the problem is caused by loose screw or if there is plastic label/wrappers (problems that can be solved easily by the customers), customers can rectify the issue themselves without our technician to be onsite. Should you require our technician to be on-site for these matters, there will be labour and transport fee of $60 charged.

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