Spin Bikes

Spin Bike Singapore – Cycling on a spin bike can be an effective cardiovascular exercise for the reason that it requires a lot of energy and strength from the body. A spin bike can improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen legs and cores as well as burn calories.

Spin bikes usually come with resistance adjustment. Hence it can be increased or decreased to mimic cycling uphill or downhill. Similarly, the adjustable resistance also helps to train your strength and endurance.

Here at I-RUNNING.SG, we offer a wide range of spin bikes for you to choose from. Available are the standard spin bikes that have an 8 KG flywheel as well as revolutionary spin bikes that includes a 16 KG flywheel and can sway from side to side.

Buy spin bike online from our range of spin bikes for sale in Singapore. Thinking of where to buy spin bike in Singapore? Purchase the spin bike from I-RUNNING.SG!

  • Yesoul M1 Spin BikeYesoul M1 Spin Bike
  • Yesoul S3 Spin BikeYesoul S3 Spin Bike
  • Yesoul C1H Spin BikeYesoul C1H Spin Bike
  • Yesoul V1 Spin BikeYesoul V1 Spin Bike
  • Yesoul G1M Plus Spin Bike (With 21.5″ LCD)Yesoul G1M Plus Spin Bike (With 21.5″ LCD)