Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line

Bauerfeind Compression – Bauerfeind compression products strengthen the arm and leg muscles with comfortable compression effect for better performance. It’s clinically proven design helps promote blood circulation and allows muscles to perform more effectively and regenerate quicker. With Bauerfeind innovative technologies, Bauerfeind compression products can improve your performance. These highly elastic knitted fabric material ensures controlled compression while the breathable microfiber feels comfortable on the skin. The compression effect leads to the sustained circulation of the blood and improves the oxygen transported through the body. The compression improves your muscle function and increases blood circulation, thus improving oxygen supply to these muscles. You can perform better for longer, and regenerate more quickly. This is also a way to prevent sore muscles.

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  • Sports Compression Sleeves ArmSports Compression Sleeves Arm
  • Sports Compression Sleeves Lower LegSports Compression Sleeves Lower Leg
  • Sports Compression Sleeves Upper LegSports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg