Pull Up Bars

Pull Up Bars Singapore – Pull-ups can be quite challenging for some as we have to lift own body weight up over and over again. The lack of arms strength often prevents us from doing multiple pull-ups or even one successful attempt. However, pull-ups are not actually hard to do, you can start off by doing a few and work your way up.

Pull-ups can be impressive and they have a lot of benefits that come with them. Firstly, doing pull-ups can help work out several of your muscle groups at once. They train your bicep, tricep, forearms, wrists, grip strength and many more. Secondly, they help with weight loss. Even though pull-ups doesn’t burn as much as calories as running or cycling, they still burn sufficient calories. Increase the intensity and frequency of the pull-ups and you will burn more calories. Furthermore, they also can help make your back stronger.

Here at I-RUNNING.SG, we offer the pull up stand for you to workout. It is a multi-purpose fitness machine that allows you to do different workouts with it.

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