How having an stationary exercise bike benefits you?

Having a stationary exercise bike at home is great especially when Singaporeans find it hard to allocate time to exercise due to various reasons. We come upon an article from written by the writer Anne Roderique-Jones on how she managed to DIY her indoor cycling exercise bike (also called the spin bike) and bringing her workouts to a whole new level.



The writer has been a runner for over the past decade with her competing in events such as the 5k, half-marathon and Olympic triathlon. Being an adventurous person, she enjoys trying out new workouts and has taken up indoor cycling classes lately. However, the gym was charging her about $100 per month and offered one to two cycling classes per day. Due to her busy schedules, she could only attend one to two classes per week. The other cycling class in her neighbourhood also charges $25 per class unless a package is bought, She then decides to work out the price of having an exercise bike herself and eventually managed to DIY one at a cost of over $500.

Temperatures are soaring high outdoors and make running outside unbearable.  With the exercise bike, she can do her routine in an air-conditioned room at any time of the day. She also uses mobile applications that have routines or lessons that she can follow to make the workout more fun.

How having a stationary exercise bike benefits you?

Having a stationary exercise bike at home actually benefits you and your family financially and physically in the long run. Financially, you could save quite a sum of money even after investing in a quality spin bike or exercise bike. Imagine if you and your 2 family members have signed up for gym facilities and they charge you at $100 per month for each person, that will be $300 per month in membership fee for your whole family. A quality spin bike that is available in the market or online can easily cost less than that amount and can even last for a few years of usage. If you are a working adult, you might also find it hard to allocate time for gym sessions during the weekdays and might or might not be heading to the gym during the weekends due to other commitments.

Due to the poor economy in recent years, news has emerged that a number of gym outlets have been closed down due to financial problems. In 2016, California Fitness shuts all of its outlets here in Singapore which left many members seeking for refunds and enraged by its’ sudden closure. As reported by The New Paper, a member had paid an upfront payment of $4000 for the gym membership just months before it closes. With the uncertainties around gym clubs, one might find it worrying to pay a large sum for the membership.

Next, you can also exercise anytime without the weather affecting your workout, especially so in Singapore when the weather can be everchanging. You can exercise right after returning from work or in the night – when having to travel out to gym clubs will be time-consuming. Hence, having a stationary exercise bike will help you in the long run.

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