Ci Yuan charity bike workout

On the 24th September 2017, residents and neighbours from Ang Mo Kio-Hougang GRC came together to Ci Yuan Harmony Park (Formerly known as the Punggol South Park) for a charity cycling event which was organised by the grassroots organisations. For every Kilometer (KM) cycled on the stationary bikes, a sponsor of the Ci Yuan Community Club will donate one KG of brown rice out.


(Video Courtesy Of Straits Time/Danson Cheong)


The event was graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Ang Mo Kio GRC where Mr Lee cycled about 3 KM, amounting to a special donation of 300 KG of brown rice. In total, more than 2,000 KG of brown rice was donated to 3 welfare organisations as residents clocked over 2,000 KM on the stationary bikes.


Our X3 Exercise Bike

The stationary exercise bikes that were used in the event are the X3 Exercise Bikes. The X3 exercise bike is a foldable stationary bike that comes with 8 different levels of resistance settings adjustment where you can adjust the resistance to suit your exercise. 2 elastic bands on the stationary bike allow you to stretch and exercise your arms while you cycle and perhaps watching your favourite television show at the same time. The LCD screen display information such as the distance cycled, speed, time elapsed, calories and heart-rate. Even though it weights approximately 15.4 KG, it can be moved around in the house easily as there are 2 wheels in the front for manoeuvring.


In relation to Mr Lee’s National Day Rally (NDR) speech just last month, the Ci Yuan Charity Bike Workout reinforces the message of healthy living through exercising and eating healthy. One of the highlights of the NDR speech is for Singaporeans to combat and beating diabetes. In this instance, soft drink companies have pledged to reduce the amount of sugar in drinks and basic health screening for about 2 million Singaporeans will cost less than $5. However, self-discipline and responsibility are still required in beating diabetes.


You can start off by eating healthily such as cutting down on oily food and soft drinks. Next, you can start exercising slowly and gradually (if you have not done so) by heading out for a walk around your neighbourhood estate in the evening 2 or 3 times a week. Slowly increase the sessions over time once you have to get used to it.


Alternatively, riding a stationary bike such as the Sunday’s event or jogging on a treadmill can also help in keeping fit. One of the many benefits of having an exercise equipment at home is that the weather does not influence or affect your exercise routine as you cycle and jog indoor. You can also exercise at any point of the time you’d like. See a range of stationary exercise bikes and foldable treadmills which we have that can cater to your needs.

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