Assembly of New I-Running foldable treadmill

In an HDB apartment which most of us stays in, many people find it difficult to get a suitable treadmill that does not take up a lot of space and yet one that can allow them to run indoors.

The New I-Running foldable treadmill is one of the perfect solutions to this space constraint issue. The New I-Running foldable treadmill is small, compact and can be folded flat entirely so that you can slot it below your bed when not in use. It can also be placed in any tight corners in your room. Although the NEW I-Running foldable treadmill is smaller in size as compared to most of the treadmills, it still serves and performs just like those – with the basic functions available.


(Demonstration With A 1.9-Meter Tall Person)


Even with a 1.9-meter tall person running on the New I-Running foldable treadmill, a high-speed run is achievable. The track is slightly narrower on the I-Running treadmill hence it takes a while for a person to get used to running on it. The treadmill has a 1.0h horsepower motor with speeds from 1km/h to 12km/h. It has a blue LCD screen that displays information such as the distance, time, speed and calories burned. It also comes with a 3 level manual incline adjustments and pulse monitor.


Assembling and checking of New I-Running mini foldable electric treadmill


Box and styrofoams are used to protect the treadmill from sustaining any damage during the shipment from the manufacturer to our warehouse. All of our foldable treadmills will go through a thorough check by our technician before they are delivered to the customer’s place. There are a few things which our staff will look out for when they go through this checking process. 


Firstly, we ensure that all the accessories are provided in a small plastic bag and the accessories include a user manual, an allen key for the belt alignment as well as a small bottle of silicone oil for the lubrication of the belt, amongst other things. Our technician will secure the LCD monitor and the arm handles to the treadmill and checks if the pulse sensor is working correctly.  


Next, the safety magnet will be attached to the treadmill and the treadmill powered up to ensure that it is working correctly. Without the safety magnet, the treadmill will not start and an error code ‘E7’ will be displayed on the LCD screen instead. After which, our technician will then test the running belt’s tension and whether if it is in the optimal range. The treadmill will then be adjusted to the maximum speed to look for any abnormality.


Finally, a check for any visible damage that could be sustained from the shipping is made, and the treadmill will be placed back into the box for delivery. Once the treadmill is delivered to you, you only need to unbox it, plug and play. While we expect quality products from our manufacturer, there will still be cases where minor defects or paint is found. By carrying out a check, this will greatly reduce the chances of a faulty treadmill being delivered to you. 

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