How to choose a suitable treadmill?

How To Choose A Suitable Treadmill For Yourself?

Running is an exercise for everyone. You can do it anywhere, even in the comfort of your home if you have a foldable treadmill. Before you choose a suitable treadmill for yourself, there are some key points for you to note. 


User Weight

Firstly, you may want to find out the specification of the treadmill and specifically the maximum user weight it is able to sustain. If the user weight is anything above the maximum weight stated by the manufacturer, the treadmill will most likely not perform up to expectation or even break down if used as the treadmill is not built for such weight.


Treadmill Belt

Everyone has a different pace and stride when they run. The stride will depend on how far the user can stretch their legs out while running. If you need a treadmill that can cater to your sprint with a bigger stride during high speed, you will need a longer and wider treadmill. Some examples of the bigger treadmills which we have are the TM-988 foldable treadmill and the TM-1088 foldable treadmill.


Your Fitness Goals

There are 3 general types of running, namely the;  (A) Leisure running – fast walk, slow run usually for a distance of 2 km to 4 km at a speed of 4 km/h to 5 km/h. This is normal for people who exercise for health or slimming purposes. Secondly, the (B) Advance running – which usually runs at a constant pace of 5 km/h to 8 km/h for a distance of 3 km up to 10 km and is usually for training purposes. Thirdly, the (C) Professional running – running for a distance of 10 km to 20 km at a speed of 8 km/h and above, which usually are the professional athletes.

For user A, we would recommend treadmills such as the New I-Running foldable treadmill, TM-388 foldable treadmill or the TM-588 foldable treadmill, which can be folded up entirely when not in use and serves its purpose as a treadmill for walking to a slow jog.

For user B, an average treadmill such as the TM-588 foldable treadmill and the TM-688 foldable treadmill can get the job done.

For user C, you can consider the TM-988 foldable treadmill, or the TM-1088 foldable treadmill as they have a top speed of 18 km/h and 20 km/h respectively.



Most of us stay in HDB apartment where space is always an issue. To buy a treadmill that can be folded and keep in your storage room is great, but you will have to forgo some functions such as electric incline and hydraulic release. If you are User A, you will properly like the slim New I-Running foldable treadmill or TM-388 foldable treadmill. They can just fold and slot below your bed. However, if you are a more serious runner, you will have to take TM-588 foldable treadmill which is bigger in size but can be folded entirely and have a better motor plus functions.


Your Style

You must start by asking yourself, are you a serious no-nonsense runner or you are the type of runner who likes to be entertained by side functions that may be good to have but not a must. There is now a mobile application available that records your speed and the calories burned when you run. If the user is no-nonsense feel the burn runner, you just want to do your run properly with no music or program, TM-688 foldable treadmill or the TM-988 foldable treadmill will fit your style. There is another function like electric incline, wearable heart rate tracker belt, suspension for running that can help impact on your knee. Therefore, be sure of what functions are the must-have for you before coming to our showroom to try or else you will be confused easily. These are a few quick points you may need to know before you pick your treadmill.

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