25kg Adjustable Dumbbell


These adjustable dumbbells are perfect for working out at home. They allow you to increase the weight of your workout over time. The adjustable dumbbell are quick to adjust and feature a sturdy non-slip handle.


25kg Adjustable Dumbbell

Introducing our 25kg Adjustable Dumbbell – the perfect companion for your home workouts. With quick, one-second weight adjustments, a compact and stylish design, and a comfortable textured handle, this dumbbell is designed for simplicity and efficiency. The groove on the tray keeps the plates secure, ensuring a smooth workout experience. Upgrade your home gym with this easy-to-use and versatile dumbbell, and make every workout count.



  • Quick adjustment of weight plates
  • Change weight in one second
  • Compact design, aesthetic look
  • 5 adjustable weight at 11lbs, 22lbs, 33lbs, 44lbs and 55lbs
  • Textured handle makes grip firm and comfortable
  • Tray for storage
  • Material: Steel, PP and nylon
  • Item dimension approximately 44cm x 22cm x 18.5 cm (+- 1 to 2cm)
  • Gross weight approximately 26.65kg
  • Packaging dimension approximately 47cm x 25.5cm x 28.5cm



  • 1-Piece Dumbbell consist of just 1 dumbbell
  • 2-Piece Dumbbell consist of 2 dumbbells


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1-Piece Dumbbell, 2-Piece Dumbbells, 2-Piece Dumbbells With Handles Bar Set


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