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The Spin Bike Puma is a high-quality spin bike with an 8 KG flywheel.

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Spin Bike Puma Features

The Spin Bike Puma is a high-quality spin bike for a high-intensity exercise.

The Spin Bike Puma features an 8 KG flywheel at the front of the bike with a resistance knob that also acts as an emergency brake in front of the seat. The LCD monitor displays information such as the distance, speed, time and calories. The spin bike also comes with adjustable handles and an adjustable seat to suit the user using the spin bike.

The next spin bike in the range is the Spin Bike Jaguar.



  • 8 KG Flywheel
  • LCD Monitor displays Distance, Speed, Time and Calories
  • Adjustable Bike Resistance
  • Adjustable Handles Height
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Anti-slip Pedals
  • Net weight 26 KG
  • Gross weight 30 KG
  • Maximum Weight 100 KG
  • Assembled



  • 1 month warranty


Find out the benefits of using a spin bike here.

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