Proper spin bike posture

Sitting in the correct spin bike posture is very important even before you start pedalling the spin bike. An incorrect posture may not only result in you not getting the desired conditions from exercising on the spin bike, it may also cause injuries to your lower back or leg. In this short article, we show you the different proper positions that you can sit, on the spin bike.

Every user has different body profiles and height. For each body profile, there is a proper spin bike posture that makes the user feel comfortable and still getting the desired results. The following recommended positions are very basic and are even used by professionals.


Seated Flat

This is the normal sitting position – a relaxed posture while cycling. Here, you will be sitting with your bum flat on the seat with the whole body weighing down on the saddle. The seat may then be adjusted depending on the length of your legs. A simple exercise which can be done to see if the seat height is suitable for you would be to place one of the pedals at a 6 o’ clock position with the other leg bent.

Next, for the lowest pedal, ensure that your leg is straight out from the hip to the pedal and if not, adjust the seat accordingly. Once done, put the heel down on the pedal followed by the toes. When cycling, the area below your knee should be in line with the tip of your other leg’s toe. Increase the resistance on the spin bike such that the lower thigh muscles can be targeted.


Standing Run

In this position, you would stand and ‘run’ on the bike without sitting down on the saddle. The resistance of the spin bike has to be adjusted to the amount which it can counterbalance your body weight while you are ‘standing’ on it. When doing this, avoid exerting your upper body weight onto your arms while you hold onto the handles and instead keep your balance on the pedals.


Hovering Over The Saddle

In this position, you will be pedalling the spin bike while your bum is just over the seat without touching it. Your body is leaned forward with your arms stretching to the arm handles. Keep your chin up so that you can breathe properly when cycling on the spin bike. Similarly to the Standing Run position, the resistance of the spin bike is used to counterbalance your body weight.


Hand Positions On Arm Handles



First Position – Back Of Arm Handles

Form a ‘C’ shape with your hands and rest them gently on the back of the arm handles, with your hands pointing to the front. Relax your shoulders and upper body muscles.


Second Position – Middle Of Arm Handles

Similar to normal cycling position, you will stretch your hands out and hold the arm handles in the middle with your knuckles facing outwards. The distance between your hands should be wider than when in the first position.


Third Position – Front Of Arm Handles

Use this position only if you are standing on the spin bike and cycling like as if you are riding up a hill. Place your hands at the front section of the arm handles with your two thumbs and keep up on top of the tip of the handles. You should keep your shoulders aligned with your arms. Then, relax your upper body and bend your elbows slightly.



Exercising on a spin bike helps to tone your muscles, keeps you fit and most importantly improve your overall health. However, sitting in a proper position on the spin bike is important so that you do not injure yourself while working out. This helps to achieve your desired result or conditions faster too.

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