Assisted Abs Roller


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Looking to start using an abs roller? You will likely face a tough time with the regular abs roller in the market. This assisted abs roller comes with handles to support you while you tone your abs and it is one of the most effective abs workout machine available. The other abs roller requires user to grab the handle of the roller to work the abdominal muscles and inadvertently places most of the torque on the user’s hand as well as wrist area as supposed to the abs muscle. With this new design, the user’s elbows are supporting their weight which sifts the concentration back to the abdominal muscles for an effective workout.



• Ergonomic designed elbow supports
• Effective tool to improve core strength
• Extra support for workout
• Superior quality
• Weight 1.75 KG
• Note: May have slight tiny cosmetic defects that does not affect overall usage.


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