Sports Wrist Strap


The Sports Wrist Strap relieves the wrist during intense exercise sessions using individually adjustable pressure. The elastic loop allows the athlete to adjust the desired pressure of the sports support on the wrist using the adjustable strap. The anatomically contoured Sports Wrist Strap is particularly flat-fitting and is made of breathable and hard-wearing material.


Bauerfeind Sports Wrist Strap

The Bauerfeind sports wrist strap relieves and stabilizes the wrist during intense exercise sessions using targeted pressure. The sports wrist strap reduces load peaks during training and competitions and provides preventative protection against sport-specific symptoms of excessive strain.

The wrist strap support is available in two sizes and offers high wearing comfort as well as an optimum, precise fit. The elastic loop sits tightly and comfortably on your wrist, preventing unpleasant constriction. The sports support can be set to the desired pressure using the adjustable strap. The athlete can individually regulate the relieving pressure on the wrist depending on personal preferences and the specific type of sport.

The sports wrist strap is particularly flat-fitting and anatomically contoured. Its light, airy knitted fabric with 3D AIRKNIT® technology is particularly breathable and hard-wearing. These features make the Sports Wrist Strap particularly comfortable to wear during sport.

Other Bauerfeind products available include the Elbow Support and Ankle Support.



  • Specially developed for use in sports
  • Provides targeted relief for the wrist
  • Individually adjustable pressure
  • Stays in place during movement
  • Light, airy knitted fabric made of hard-wearing material

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