Sports Knee Strap


The Sports Knee Strap provides targeted relief to the patellar tendon during loading. The anatomically contoured strap sits below the kneecap. A special pad with pressure points guides, supports and stimulates the tendon. A soft special knitted fabric ensures a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement. The strap is tightened on both sides when it is put on, allowing the relieving compression to be adjusted to individual needs.


Sports Knee Strap

The Sports Knee Strap provides relief for the patellar tendon by delivering targeted compression below the kneecap during longer sporting activities, particularly those that involve large amounts of running and jumping. The strap combats typical overload complaints such as anterior knee pain or noticeable restrictions of movement. In the long term, it helps to prevent lasting injury.

Incorporated into the close-fitting knitted fabric is a functional element: a special pad with four nubbed pressure points that relieve the patellar tendon insertion by exerting a beneficial massaging action during movement. The inner pressure points also guide and support the tendon during loading. The main function of the outer pressure points is to stimulate the area around the patellar tendon and boost the sensorimotor system of the knee.

The Sports Knee Strap is especially flat, anatomically contoured, and consists of breathable, hard-wearing material. This makes it comfortable to wear and practical for sports. The soft special knitted fabric stays securely in position during movement and fits perfectly. The relieving compression can be adjusted to individual needs when the strap is put on. The strap is tightened evenly on both sides, preventing the risk of slipping.

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