Sports Elbow Strap


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The Sports Elbow Strap provides targeted relief for the forearm muscles around the elbow. Its five-point pad with adjustable Velcro fastenings can lie on either the outside or the inside and stimulates the pain trigger points typically associated with tennis or golfer’s elbow. The practical Boa® fastening allows for individual adjustment of the relieving compression, while the flat strap fits perfectly without restricting the elbow.



Sports Elbow Strap

The Sports Elbow Strap provides relief for the forearm muscles around the elbow by delivering targeted compression during longer sporting activities, particularly racket sports. The strap thus counteracts typical overloading pain such as tennis or golfer’s elbow and prevents long-term injury.

Its five-point pad, a special functional element with nubs, exerts direct pressure on the affected inflamed tendon attachment sites in the forearm muscles and is attached with Velcro so that it can lie on either the outside or the inside of the elbow. The five nubs activate the relevant pain trigger points, stimulating the area. Irritated and inflamed areas heal more quickly.

The Sports Elbow Strap is especially flat, anatomically contoured, and consists of breathable, hard-wearing material. This makes it comfortable to wear and practical for sports. The strap is tightened with a Boa® fastening until it sits securely without constricting the elbow and the desired compression is achieved. It can be loosened or tightened at any time and released with ease.



  • Provides targeted relief for the tendon attachment sites at the elbow
  • Stimulates typical pain trigger points
  • Compression can be set individually and precisely
  • Easy and practical handling
  • Anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit

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