Sports Elbow Brace


Protects the elbow from overextension.


Sports Elbow Brace

Sports Elbow Brace protects the elbow from painful overextension during throwing and overhead movements. The brace provides smooth cushioning during movement with an incorporated strap system. Its preset tension takes effect when the arm extends rapidly, triggering a counter-reaction in the forearm muscles to balance out the force and take the stress away from the joint.

Boa® Closure System

The practical Boa® Closure System cushions the elbow from hyperextension with individually adjustable motion control and offers highly precise tension adjustments yet allows for natural, unrestricted throwing movements.

3D Air knit technology for maximum breathability and comfort

The Air Knit is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. It allows maximum freedom of movement and the adhesive zones guarantee a secure fit.

Compression for optimal athletic performance

The Air Knit provides medical standard compression to boost circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations.

Improved confidence

Medical standard compression not only boosts circulation but also provides positive sensorimotor feedback. This enhanced feedback can translate to improved confidence and reduced injury rates.



1. Boa® closure system – for individually adjustable movement control
2. Improves joint guidance and reduces swelling
3. Durable and washable
4. Anatomical fit and breathable materials for exceptional comfort

Treatment of
• Prevents hyperextension of the elbow
• Treatment for Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) sprain
• Post-operative rehabilitation following elbow reconstruction procedures/, including Tommy John surgery

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