Sports Ankle Support Dynamic


The Sports Ankle Support Dynamic supports the ankle and counteracts overloading complaints. It stimulates the metabolism and circulation while promoting depth perception. This has a positive effect on sensorimotor function. The stabilizing muscles are activated more quickly, joint coordination is improved and the ligaments are relieved. Its knitted fabric is light, hard-wearing, fits perfectly, and stays in position securely.


Sports support for the ankle

The Sports Ankle Support Dynamic supports the ankle during long and intensive periods of sports training. Whether it’s running, walking, fitness, or outdoor sport, the hard-wearing ankle support counteracts overloading complaints and helps wearers feel secure when running during training and competitions.

The various knitted fabric zones promote depth perception with gentle compression. This stimulation triggers positive sensorimotor feedback in the ankle and stimulates the circulation and metabolism: The ligaments are relieved and the stabilizing muscles in the foot are activated more quickly, thus considerably improving joint coordination.

The knitted fabric of the Sports Ankle Support Dynamic is similar to a fine net made of an airy mesh and consists of breathable, hard-wearing material. The support is extremely comfortable to wear on the ankle. The material, which is gentle on the skin, sits comfortably and does not dig in thanks to a pressure-free edge. It is particularly light and ideally suited to the sport. Its anatomic fit guarantees a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement.



  • Supports the ankle
  • Improves proprioception
  • Guarantees maximum freedom of movement
  • Light, airy knitted fabric made of hard-wearing material
  • Comfortable anatomic fit

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