Sports Insoles Ball & Racket


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Ball & Racket sports foot orthoses offer support and relief for the foot when making quick stops and turns. The flexible orthotic core supports and guides the foot and promotes natural mobility for longer pain-free performance. The customized surface shape provides support for the foot, and stimulates the muscles while preventing cramping.



Sports Insoles Ball & Racket

Ball & Racket sports foot orthoses provide the feet with the necessary stability for quick stops and turns, making them a perfect support for indoor and ball sports.

This is how they work: the flexible orthotic core supports and guides the foot from below. The integrated X-shaped module of the orthoses makes them completely unique. It actively promotes the natural mobility of the feet, ensuring longer pain-free performance. The skin-friendly surface also creates a soft cushion for the foot and is designed to support sports activity. The cupped shape on the heel stabilizes the foot and offers support for the ankle. Tiny spots stimulate the muscles in the foot, which improves coordination. The slightly raised shape underneath the toes straightens them and prevents cramping. This optimizes contact between the foot and shoe. The top cover is antibacterial and inhibits odours.



  • Stabilizes the hindfoot and ankle
  • Supports the feet’s natural mobility
  • Stimulates the foot muscles and improves motor function

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