Bauerfeind Sports Insole Line

Bauerfeind Insole – Bauerfeind insole products such as the foot orthoses ensure comfortable and protected steps for different sports activities.  Bauerfeind’s innovative and industry-leading designs are optimized for athletes use. The Bauerfeind insoles are designed specifically for a range of sports and activities, such as running, hiking and walking, ball and racket. The ultimate goal is to increase athletes self-confidence during sports activities.

Rapid movements and abrupt changes of direction can cause foot muscle fatigue or strains in the ankle, the Achilles tendon, or the lower leg. The Bauerfeind WEIGHTLEX® technology offers you protection and a secure footing with its patented dual-component core. The innovative X-shaped module supports the arch of the foot and better control the foot’s heel-to-toe movement.

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